Cooking class!!! Yucatan tamales!!!

Today in cooking class we made Yucatan tamales with Chaya (vegetable not found in the US) and fish and shrimp!!! Unbelievable! Chef Jose Luis, Chef Cesar, and students from the Culinary Arts major at La Salle University helped us make the most delicious tamales! We also had a yummy jamaica juice drink. Inserted you have […]

Classes begin and a museum visit

The conversation class is very interactive and participatory. Here are a selection of photos: On Tuesday, we spent 4 hours in the Mayan Museum of Cancun. It was fascinating and everyone found additional information for the research paper they are creating.

D’Ambra Kruger: maestra brava y valiente

The first week of our two week teach, D’Ambra taught the 5th graders with Rachael Rood, individually and in small groups. Here she is with part of the class. Then she requested to go to the second grade to teach because we were not able to give them English lessons….very brave and generous. Here she […]

Allison Heger & Morgan Bailey: a perfect team

One thing you can say for sure Morgan and Allison work together as a perfect teaching team! They have their class learning body parts by singing (heads, shoulders, ears, and nose) They move from group to individual activities with great ease. Then back to group repetition, completed with personal help. On one day they helped […]

Rachael Rood: Kinesthetic Class

Today was the next to the last class for all of the English teachers from Friends University. Already we are feeling sad about leaving our little students at the Wichita Cancun Sister Cities Elementary School. Miss Rachael today created a special communication activity in which students raised their hands and marched in a circle until […]

Bethany Gray…science in Spanish

Also today Bethany taught an amazing lesson on floating/sinking, organic/inorganic, and other associated categories. The children demonstrated their understanding of floating and sinking objects by participating in an experiment outside their classroom. They moved a table out onto the play court and determined the float ability of several objects such as leaves, wood, pop can, […]

Sydney Roy … Super teach

Today Sydney Roy created a Bingo game so the students could practice the foods they had learned. First there was a review of the vocabulary. Then the students prepared their bingo sheets. Sydney wrote and said the word in English. When the children won, she would pass to check their answers and then toss them […]

Laundromat & a new second grade teacher

Today we began the day by taking our stinky clothes to the washateria near the hotel.They washed, dried, neatly folded, and packaged our laundry while we went about out planned activities. That is a wonderful service! D’Ambra Kruger taught 4th grade last week and she decided that she would like to teach 2nd grade this […]