Last Day at Ciudad de La Alegria

Today was our last day at Ciudad de La Alegria. It was a very busy day in that we finished the health screens of the primary school children, we finished organizing and sorting the pharmacy, and we spent many hours in the Cobija y Pan organizing and folding.   At the end of the day […]

June 5, 2014

Today was a most unique, amazing day. For some of the students, it began at 12:00 midnight as they continued their work in developing a data spread sheet that included formulas to automatically calculate relevant percentiles and indexes. This spread sheet allowed for more efficient data processing and significantly reduced the processing time for each […]

June 4, 2014

Wow what an incredibly busy day! Our students were split into three groups today.  Connor Reh and Jeriah Forbes were sent to work in the pharmacy where they sorted out expired drugs, cleaned shelves, and organized medicines. The pharmacy is in a quiet corner of the medical clinic.  While the room is air conditioned it is an […]

Ciudad de La Alegria (City of Joy)

Today we began our service work at Ciudad de La Alegria (City of Joy). Photos 1-4 evidence the productive work the students, who we happily refer to as “the fourteen” (los catorce), were able to accomplish today. They worked at the “Ciudad de la Alegria”, a multifaceted area in the poorest part of Cancun that […]

On Our Way to Mexico

Today we started our adventure that begins in Cancun, Mexico and ends in Havana, Cuba.  This is the second time we are taking Health Science students abroad for a service learning experience.  This year we are traveling with 14 amazing and diverse students.  I can tell they are going to be a good group. They have already exhibited […]

Homeward Bound

Last morning in this special place called Cancun where we have just completed the pilot for Health Services abroad. We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at Los Biscuits Restaurant: pancakes, crepes, omelets, huevos rancheros, and the yummiest freshly baked pastries ever!! We rushed back to the Hotel Las Margaritas just in time to hurriedly […]

Our Last Day in Mexico

For our last day in Mexico we decided to focus on the Mayan piece of Mexican culture. There are about 2 million Mayans that currently live in Mexico, primarily in the Yucatan Peninsula. For the most part, they live in small villages deep in the jungle. We first visited Ek Balam, a set of Mayan […]


The Chiapanecos are a people from southern Mexico who migrated into the Cancun area in search of work. They have set up little villages in uninhabited land. Their homes do not have electricity or running water. They also do not have access to health care and typically are educated to only about the 6th grade […]

Farewell, friends, and fine arts

Good byes are not fun, really. . . especially when relationships are built on doing good for others. Today is Friday and it is our last day at the Casa de la Alegria. It has been decided that the day will begin with everyone heading to the bodega (storehouse where all of the used clothes […]

A New Opportunity

This morning brought us back to La Ciudad de la Alegria, excited to see what the day would hold. As we talked with the administration, they asked us to help with general health checks for the primary school children. Each fall as they start school and spring as they finish the school year, the children […]