On behalf of Michelle Lytle Our second day in China, and our first official business day. We started early…getting a quick breakfast in at the hotel and then onto the bus for our first meeting at United Family Healthcare.  We were greeted by Alan Kahn, VP of marketing and communication.  Alan was kind enough to […]

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Think about starting to celebrate your birthday in Wichita, continue in Minneapolis, then having lunch and a quick walk in beautiful Seattle, then 11 hours in the air, and finally, at about 10 p.m., receive warm birthday wishes in Beijing. Loretta had a unique birthday this year. How about celebrating your birthday the Global MBA […]


Today the group visited cultural sites to gain understanding of China’s rich history and culture.  Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City was the first stop.  Tiananmen Square is very large and can hold one million people.  The square is the location where Chairman Mao declared the People’s Republic of China in 1949.  The square also […]

July 2014 China Business Residency

The graduating class of the Master of Global Leadership and Management is departing for its business residency in Beijing, China on July 4 and coming back on July 13. The major goals of business residency are: Benchmark academic concepts of global business learned in the program with real-life business practices of companies abroad Actively participate in […]

Posted on behalf of Caleb McNary on 7/25

Today we took a high speed train to the coastal town of Tianjin. The most trouble we’ve had in China is coming to grips with the sheer scope of the country, and today was a perfect illustration. We start in Beijing, a city with a population of over 20 million, which is larger than the […]

The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park

Today the MGLM group visited the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park, both instrumental in Chinese imperial history. The Temple of Heaven was visited by emperors twice a year: once at the new year to pray for a favorable harvest, and at the winter solstice to give thanks for the year’s bounty. Locals […]

Arrival in Santiago

By Dr. Jay Johnson After a long flight with intermittent sleep, ravioli, and a croissant, we are here! Immigration and customs went smoothly and we met up with our guide from Austral Group, Claudia. The bus ride from the airport took us into the modern city of Santiago. The temperature is a bit of a […]

Leaving ICT

By Dr. Jay Johnson We are all here and accounted for – about to board. First leg, Dallas; second leg, Santiago!!!! Security was pretty strict this time. Fortunately they confiscated my fingernail clippers for security purposes. I feel much safer. Now that I’ve re-packed, I’m ready to go!