The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park

Today the MGLM group visited the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park, both instrumental in Chinese imperial history. The Temple of Heaven was visited by emperors twice a year: once at the new year to pray for a favorable harvest, and at the winter solstice to give thanks for the year’s bounty. Locals […]

Arrival in Santiago

By Dr. Jay Johnson After a long flight with intermittent sleep, ravioli, and a croissant, we are here! Immigration and customs went smoothly and we met up with our guide from Austral Group, Claudia. The bus ride from the airport took us into the modern city of Santiago. The temperature is a bit of a […]

Leaving ICT

By Dr. Jay Johnson We are all here and accounted for – about to board. First leg, Dallas; second leg, Santiago!!!! Security was pretty strict this time. Fortunately they confiscated my fingernail clippers for security purposes. I feel much safer. Now that I’ve re-packed, I’m ready to go!

Final Hours Until Departure

By Autumn Drake We are only a few hours away from our 3pm Departure from ICT… I’m a little nervous about traveling abroad for the first time, but thankfully I will be with a couple of my cohort buddies that have really done their research! Now if I could only get my suitcase closed…..

By Dr. Valentina Chappell Hi, I’m Dr. Valentina Chappell, director of the MGLM program. On August 4th, a great group of 19 students graduating shortly from Master of Global Leadership and Management program will leave for Chile . They have been learning about cross-cultural communication and negotiations, global business, finance, international marketing, strategy and many […]

By Anthony Geide In less than 48 hours we will be on our way to Chile. I am getting really excited. I’m sure work will just drag by tomorrow! This will be my first time to visit a Latin culture, so I am really looking forward to the coming week’s experiences.

Who is that???

By Dr. Jay Johnson I’m the “other” faculty member taking this voyage to Chile. I find it very exciting to be a part of this international residency, and look forward to meeting the group! I plan to blog regularly as I will have my iPhone in tow.

predeparture preparations

Here’s a pre-trip blog entry. Only a few days before we fly to Chile. It’s winter south of the equator, so it’s been surreal looking for gloves, scarves, and insulated socks when it’s over 100 F here in Kansas. I’ve learned one Chilean saying… Estan cayendo los patos asados. literally: Roasted ducks are falling from […]