The Final Day

Tuesday, June 16 Today was an enormously fun day. The rain god, Chaac, ruined our Saturday plans to go to Isla Mujeres but we endured the insult and were able to squeeze in a day trip to the lovely island just off the north coast of Cancun. It was a fast trip and we had […]

Storms in Cancun

We woke up this morning….it was STILL pouring down rain…still and it did not stop until early Monday morning. The ferocity of this storm was impressive. The forecast was that it would pass through the sliver of water between Yucatan and Cuba and pause on the warm, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There […]

Food Day

Today we woke up bright and early to group up and head out just in time to use the grand kitchen at the breath-takingly beautiful La Salle University here in our gorgeous sister city, Cancún. After greeting a past head chef of the Ritz Hotel, José Hernandez, and his swift paced companion, Chef Cezar Ramirez, […]

Parque Crococun

June 9, Parque Crococun This morning we visited the incredible Parque Crococun. It is a lovely, safe place for endangered species of the area as well as a safe haven for animals that were pets when they were small but were donated to this park when they began to grow. We saw beautiful birds like […]

Mirador Beach

Sunday, June 7 was “family day” and each student had a special experience with his/her family. Some went out of town (Holbox, Tulum); while others went swimming at local hotels, attended family gatherings, ate outstanding food, and went snorkling. On Monday, June 6 we spent the morning at Playa Mirador, a fabulous beach right at […]


June 6, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico Today we went to Playa del Carmen for a relaxing day at the beach. Seven of us decided to continue on south for a visit to the post class site of Tulum. The bus trip was very pleasant and it took us right to the archeological site. After a […]

Museo Maya de Cancun

Thursday, June 4, 2015 Today we went to the Museo Maya de Cancun. It is an amazing place with treasures from all over the land of the Maya. There were antiquities from the Pre-classic, Classic and Post-classic periods. All of the students are writing research papers on a variety of topics concerning the Maya and […]