Storms in Cancun

We woke up this morning….it was STILL pouring down rain…still and it did not stop until early Monday morning. The ferocity of this storm was impressive. The forecast was that it would pass through the sliver of water between Yucatan and Cuba and pause on the warm, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There it will receive the energy of the Gulf and proceed forward perhaps as a hurricane. They predict that it will, indeed, become a hurricane in 48 hours. The first trajectory of the storm is headed for my home town of Corpus Christi, Texas, The headline in one newspaper said “Chaac does damage in Cancun”. You can see people thigh-deep in the water and the rain falling in sheers on the beach. The next photos show La Salle University completely saturated in places; the next photo shows the football field where only last week we were watching Mayan warriors dance.

Cancun Newspaper
Rain soaked La Salle University
Rain soaked La Salle University

Some students (Chloe & Ashley) swam in the rain with their families; others stayed home and watched movies (John & Irfan). Others went to the movie in town (Allison). Nicole went to Merida, Yucatan with her family to spend the weekend and avoided the tropical storm drama completely. It was sunny and beautiful in the state of Yucatan.

We are all hoping that the rain will stop soon so we can go to Isla Mujeres before graduation events on Tuesday, our last day.