June 6, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Today we went to Playa del Carmen for a relaxing day at the beach. Seven of us decided to continue on south for a visit to the post class site of Tulum. The bus trip was very pleasant and it took us right to the archeological site. After a brisk walk to the entrance, we visited the Principal Priest’s house and saw the remains of a cenote that used to be under the house. Some were especially excited to be there. Then we saw the port of entry, the light house, Temple of the Descending God, the Castillo, the Temple of Frescos and other sites. The best was when we were able to walk up to the edge overlooking the Caribbean. The sight was beautiful and the breeze was so welcome! It was a very hot day!. Allison was especially glad to be there because she is writing her paper on a comparison of the archeological sites of Chichen Itza and Tulum. We treated ourselves to a quick train ride back to the entrance. It was hot; we were sweaty; we decided we deserved it!. Before the bus back to Playa arrived, there was time to shop (Chloe) and grab a bit of lunch (John, Emma, Allison, Shelby, Alyssa). The bus was on time and we arrived back in Playa with 2 ½ hours to enjoy the beach and “Fifth Avenue” for shopping. The other 4 members of Los Diez stayed in Playa and snorkled and ate lunch. They had a good time too! Nicole didn’t go to Tulum because she will be going with her family on Sunday. Ashley had had the unique opportunity to go to a town called Holbox with her family. She will have lots of adventures to tell us about on Monday!

So at 6:36 we boarded the bus back to Cancun and our families were waiting to pick us up at 8:00 P.M. It was an eventful and very relaxing day! Next week? Crococun animal park (zoo science majors are excited!), Cooking classes, more Mayan culture with Professor Celarie and we end the week with Conversation classes with Professora Martha.

Los Diez is an extraordinary group of very diverse students who move very well as a cohesive group. This makes for lots of positive experiences and eventful days! Stay tuned for more adventures!