What a surprise! Second Class of Mayan History

June 5, Friday

How to tell the story of the events of the second class of Mayan history? It was so nice to simply stand in the walkway and allow the afternoon breeze to surround you. The first thing Professor Celarie said was that there was going to be a “sorpresa” but first we would take a tour of the campus to see the numerous sacred “ceiba” trees. They were beautiful and healthy and we saw up close the thorny trunks and huge roots that were searching for the water below. Then we went to see a spectacular example that was located on the other side of the football field. As we entered the large area, you could hear the faint sound of a flute. As we got closer, we could see that it was a Mayan dressed in the ancient costume of a Mayan warrior. For a time he played various flutes and a conch shell and we sat on the ground to enjoy his concert on the hill below the ceiba tree. Then… suddenly there were four more who appeared dressed in the same fashion but their bodies were painted in the four cardinal colors of north (white), south (yellow), red (east), black (west), and green for the earth and life. After they danced, they came forward to answer questions and then we took pictures with them. Later, the “warriors” came to our class and we asked many, many questions. It was interesting and informative.