Museo Maya de Cancun

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today we went to the Museo Maya de Cancun. It is an amazing place with treasures from all over the land of the Maya. There were antiquities from the Pre-classic, Classic and Post-classic periods. All of the students are writing research papers on a variety of topics concerning the Maya and there was virtually something of interest for each student. For the moment, the topics are the following:

  • Chloe & Shelby – Xibalba, the Maya underworld
  • Haley – cosmosvision: cycles, concept of time, and religion of the Maya
  • Irfan – architecture and religion from the perspective of an engineer
  • Nicole – flora and fauna of the Maya
  • Allison – Chichen Itza & Tulum: a comparison
  • Emma – Chichen Itza
  • John – the goddess Ixchel
  • Ashley – Chichen Itza and the concept of time
  • Alyssa – religious aspects of Chichen Itza

They are “for the moment” because as the students research, learn and see more and more, the focus of the research paper changes. Visiting the museum was an important experience for the students. They are also having fun posing in different Mayan poses!

Then we continued on to the post-classic archeological site of “El Rey” where finally we were able to climb the pyramids. This site is important because it is built below ground to avoid the winds of storms and hurricanes and also because of its unusual platting in the form of a rectangle.

This morning was a good way to introduce the study of the Mayan Culture and History class which began in the afternoon with Professor Alberto Celarie who is a researcher and advisor in the Mayan park of XCaret.