Tuesday! On behalf of Bruce Hysom

Tuesday showed great promise as the smog over Beijing cleared for the first time during our residency, and just as our visibility of the skyline grew clearer so did our understanding of the Chinese business environment. Our first stop was a visit to ChinaSense, the company hosting our residency. Jennifer Pan, Managing director and founder, broke down the history and culture of China and how those influences as well as changing government policies have shaped this dominant and unique economy. Ms. Pan very candidly discussed the challenges facing the Chinese government and the questions they must address in order to sustain their continued growth. Her company is an integral part of the success and enjoyment of our time in China.  In that, they executed flawlessly,  all while displaying the very best of the Chinese culture.

In the afternoon,  we visited Weibo.com a Sina Group company.  Where Sina.com is the equivalent to US-based Yahoo.com,  Weibo is like Twitter. Social Responsibility director,  Ben XiaoChao, described how Weibo has become the number one micro blog site in China. He talked about the marketing strategy that haw enabled them to overcome regulatory challenges while meeting the needs of their vast customer base. He was even kind enough to discuss briefly his view of where Weibo is going and how they will continue to increase their share of the Chinese market over the next several years. I appreciated the director’s directness while answering our questions, even those that were of a somewhat sensitive nature.