Sunday, July 6, 2014

Think about starting to celebrate your birthday in Wichita, continue in Minneapolis, then having lunch and a quick walk in beautiful Seattle, then 11 hours in the air, and finally, at about 10 p.m., receive warm birthday wishes in Beijing. Loretta had a unique birthday this year.

How about celebrating your birthday the Global MBA style?

China is 13 hours ahead of Kansas. We followed the sun and had a very long day. To be more accurate, we have two nights, one after another without a daytime in between.


Day Two, Sunday. Great Wall and Forbidden City

Sunday is a day for sightseeing. We started at Tiananmen Square filled with huge crowds and security. People come from all over China to visit Chairman Mao memorial and look at Mao’s body in a crystal coffin. One should spend quite a few hours in line, to be admitted to the memorial. We went straight to the Forbidden City, one of my favorite places in Beijing.

Lunch was Chinese, real Chinese with lazy Susan, and multiple courses. Chinese food in Wichita is different from Chinese food in China. Students enjoyed it a lot. After lunch, students with the Dean, ChinaSense CEO, and the guide went to the Great Wall. I took a taxi and went to the airport to meet a student who was flying through Canada. Now the whole group is together, and we are ready to start business meetings tomorrow morning. A side note: taxi drivers in big cities are the same. It should be an “international” category. :)

A touch of ChineSense hospitality: a beautiful cake from Heavenly Bakery delivered at a welcome dinner at Peking Duck for Loretta. Lisa surprised us with a musical candle. It looks like a closed lotus flower. When a candle in the middle is lit, the flower opens with multiple lit candles inside and music starts playing.  The restaurant also presented a small gift to Loretta. A birthday to remember!