July 2014 China Business Residency

The graduating class of the Master of Global Leadership and Management is departing for its business residency in Beijing, China on July 4 and coming back on July 13.

The major goals of business residency are:

  • Benchmark academic concepts of global business learned in the program with real-life business practices of companies abroad
  • Actively participate in business meetings with executives of foreign companies (two meetings and round-table discussions per a day)
  • Summarize strategies of penetrating the global markets used by foreign companies
  • Learn about US – China joint ventures contracts
  • Learn about diplomatic support of US companies in China (U.S. Embassy in Beijing)
  • Participate in daily debriefings (Business residency journal)
  • Identify successful practices of competition in the global business environment
  • Develop appreciation of historic and cultural background of a foreign country and understand its impact on the process of business communication and negotiations.

At this time, all students have their flight and business itineraries confirmed. The business residency is managed by ChinaSense:

Jin (Jennifer ) Pan, Managing Director | ChinaSense, Inc.
China Office: +86 10 82072606 | Mobile: +86 13910285665
United States Office: +1 832 632 7288
Email: jp@chinasense.cn | Alternative Email: jin.pan@gmail.com
Skype: jpfactors | Website: http://www.chinasense.cn
Linkedin Group: ChinaSense Alumni Network Group

Business residency is supervised by the Graduate School Dean Dr. Hofmeister and the Program Director Dr. Valentina Chappell.  Below is the contact number provided by ChinaSense;

Dr. Chappell:          +1186 15210990745

Due to censorship, posting on blogs is not possible in China. We will be emailing daily to our Friends’ friends who kindly agreed to post our emails on our blog. Thank you very much, Stephanie Ward and Roman Rodriguez!

Dr. Valentina Chappell

Valentina Chappell, Ph.D.
Professor of Business and Technology
Global MBA Program Director
Friends University, Graduate School
2100 W. University Ave.
Wichita, KS 67213