Last Day in Mexico

Our last day in Mexico was spent at Isla Mujeres (Spanish for “Island of Women”). This  is an island in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, located eight miles off of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun Mexico.  Once on the island, we rented golf carts to explore all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful place.  We visited a Tortugranja (turtle farm).  This is a government sponsored hatchery for endangered sea turtles.  Each year the team at the Turtle Farm collect the sea turtle eggs laid on the beach in the spring and help the young turtles develop through their most critical stages of development in hopes of increasing their chance of survival. This is very important because over the last forty years their numbers  have fallen alarmingly and their survival is now threatened thanks to over-fishing.  We had the opportunity to view the sea turtles at different stages of their development.  Some of us actually got to hold them.


While on the island we also got to visit several cemetaries.  The dead are buried in above ground vaults.  Each vault included a vestibule where loved ones placed items they felt would help their departed family members pass into the next world.  Items donated included water, pictures, flowers, candles, and in one vault I saw a can of bug spray.


Of course much time was spent on the beach and swimming in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  The beach was covered with a beautiful golden sand and the bright blue water was clear and of a perfect cool temperature.

This was of course the perfect way to spend our last day in Mexico.  Tonight at dinner we began our preparations for the second half of our experience.  Tomorrow we leave for Havana, Cuba.  It will be a long day of traveling, and a completely new experience for all of us.  While in Cuba we will be completely blacked out of technology.  We will continue to write our daily blogs, but we will not be able to post them until we return to the United States on June 16.

We bid our family and friends a safe week.  We love you all, and will talk to you as soon as we return home to the U.S.


Respectfully Submitted,
Karyn Turla