At the Beach

Today we spent a most deserved day at the beach. The students have been working non-stop for 5-6 hours a day and they certainly have earned a break. Playa del Carmen is a lovely beach town 1 hour south of Cancun by bus and is situated directly in front of the island of Cozumel. It is a lovely spot for relaxation and fun. Most of the students are slightly sunburned in spite of the fact that it was overcast all day and the sun never came out. The students had many adventures and shared some of them at supper this evening. It was a joyous meal and such fun listening to the details of their free day to explore.


There is no doubt that the “14” are becoming a family. They have such fun with each other; tonight a dinner, they felt everyone should have a nickname. So we all have nicknames given to us by the “group”. They are clever (Rubber Stucky for Blake, PerfTeethHeath for Heath, FootFairy for Martina, ¬†Turlanchula for Dr. Turla, ShutterBug for Karen Scroggins, Media for Whitney because she plays “middle”, Alegra for Kelsey because she is always happy, and on and on….). They also care for each other a lot. As I write, I am watching a group going across the street to a “Go Mart” (like “Quik Trip”) to get some aloe creme for some of their buddies who are in need of aloe cream for their sunburns. These students are so nice to each other and so nice to be with.

Tomorrow we will ride the ferry to Isla Mujeres where they will have an opportunity to see a turtle farm and some recently hatched little turtles. Soon they will be setting the turtles free into the sea. There will most certainly be more happy adventures to relate, so stay tuned!

We are beginning to chat a bit about our pending departure for Havana on Monday. It will be a change of environment, a change of government, and a change of Spanish dialect for us all.

Hoping you all are having a restful and fun weekend. We certainly are …among these health science professionals.