Last Day at Ciudad de La Alegria

Today was our last day at Ciudad de La Alegria.

It was a very busy day in that we finished the health screens of the primary school children,

photo photo[1]

we finished organizing and sorting the pharmacy,


and we spent many hours in the Cobija y Pan organizing and folding.

photo[4] photo[3]

At the end of the day we gave the attending physician a data file that contained nearly 600 children’s names along with their physical characteristics we measured.  The data file also identified all the children we deemed as needing additional medical attention.  Typically these children were in need of glasses to correct vision deficiencies and dental care. We were assured these children would be checked and their needs would be met.  Overall, I am very proud of the work we did over this past week.  Our health science students worked very hard and accomplished a lot.  It was difficult to say goodbye to all of our new friends at Ciudad. We were assured that our efforts were greatly appreciated, and that we were welcome and encouraged to come back next year.

This evening we all went out to have a little fun.  We went to Market 28 to do some souvenir shopping and then out to dinner at a restaurant called “100% Natural.”


The food and company were both excellent.  Following dinner we walked around downtown Cancun and enjoyed all the sights, sounds and smells of this very unique place.  This was a much needed break from all of our hard work.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karyn Turla