The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park

Today the MGLM group visited the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace Park, both instrumental in Chinese imperial history. The Temple of Heaven was visited by emperors twice a year: once at the new year to pray for a favorable harvest, and at the winter solstice to give thanks for the year’s bounty. Locals practiced tai chi and calligraphy in the outer courtyards, while the inside held the impressive structure crafted entirely without fasteners of any kind, everything was joint fitted.

On the other end of Beijing, we visited the retreat of the emperors that provided relief during the hot summers. Indeed, today was over 100 degrees, so we understood the need. The sprawling park is covered by 300+ year old trees, a Buddhist temple and imperial residences. Both serve to remind us of China’s extensive history, and the jarring reality of their recent economic.

On behalf of:
Caleb McNary